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My hope is to create stories that form a connection with the reader. I do this through my own stories and by helping others tell their own.


Books by Meghan

 The Great Big Move

Join Katie Harlow on this fun adventure as she navigates through her thoughts on her family moving yet again. 

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   The Great Rainy Day

Katie is ready to make new friends! But her big plans are ruined by that darn rain!  No worries Katie will turn this rainy day upside down!

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The Bedtime Theater

Snuggle up with this sweet bedtime story that will leave you and your kiddo with a smile and a reminder that there is always someone waiting for you to be YOU!

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Keep In Touch Boy Journal Cover.png

          The Keep-In-Touch Journal.

Moving away from friends can be difficult.  With this interactive journal, friends can keep in touch, no matter how far away from each other they are!  Take your pick of purple or blue!

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Hey there! I realize you are probably here shopping for a special kiddo in your life, but don't forget to stop by my blog and take a read.  We can get so caught up in our kids' lives sometimes we need to be reminded to do something for ourselves.  Hope you enjoy it!  


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