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    Hi there!   I am mom to two amazing girls, Karsyn and Hartlyn, and have been married to my husband for 13 years. I love spending time with friends and family, hanging with my girls crafting, dancing, and jumping into their world of imagination for some playtime! I never know what I will experience there, which is a great source of ideas for my writing.  I started my official journey as an author in the summer of 2018.  While I have always had stories put together in my head and wrote books as a child, this was the year I actually decided to make those stories come to life.  When our family was faced with a big change, a move, I felt the need to create something that would help my girls through it.  After wirting my first book I realized as a mom I still had an entreprenurial spirit and need to fill my creative side and this venture filled these voids for me, before I even knew it really!  My girls are my inspiration for everything I write –from their adventures and imaginative play to the messages I try to convey to them on a daily basis.  My hope is that the messages and stories can help other families out there create a dialogue and comfort that comes with certain situations.

     My first book is titled The Great Big Move: A Surprisingly Exciting Adventure. This is the first book in a series I decided to start called Surprisingly Exciting Adventures. This series is about a little girl named Katie Harlow who finds adventure in every situation, creating a positive outlook and a mindset to make the best out of everything, since you just never know what kind of treasures life has hidden for you! Katie Harlow is inspired by my girls but the idea of looking for the silver lining in situations comes from many of my life lessons in adulthood. Life can throw you curveballs at any given moment. We can choose to embrace that curveball for what it is and figure out how to successfully follow and enjoy the new path, or we can let it throw us off course and be sad or mad about it, missing the big picture and not allowing ourselves to enjoy the journey (no matter how messy it may be). Being a mom has really helped me embrace this way of thinking. I try to convey this message to my girls but sometimes they become the teacher and remind me of this lesson or teach me a new way to see it without even knowing it! Katie Harlow helps show this silver lining in everything from big moments to everyday inconveniences, but has fun with it with her spunky, positive and adventurous spirit in a light-hearted way. Life is one big adventure and each moment should be treated that way! Each book in this series will be complete with some sort of interactive activity for the reader that goes along with the story!

     The Great Big Move was inspired by my girls. They have not had one childhood home but multiple homes as many families we know have also experienced. The process of moving can be scary, nerve wracking, challenging, and frustrating but it can also be super exciting! With each move we have made I found that introducing the change as a new journey or new adventure helped them see it as exciting (and honestly I needed help seeing it that way too). It made it easier to look forward to the new and unknown instead of focusing on missing the comfortable and familiar. The hardest part of any move is missing those comfortable and familiar pieces. Gratefully, we have always had things, places and most importantly people to miss. Keeping those memories vivid and keeping connections with those people we miss is something I have tried to make very important for our family, especially my girls. Their childhood isn't rooted all in one place, instead their roots reach far and wide, making holding onto those connections a greater effort on our part. It's been so fun writing letters, facetiming and visiting all the family and friends we have in many different places!

      Following The Great Big Move, I created The Keep-In-Journals to help promote keeping in touch with old frieds while making new friends at their new home.  Leaving friends is hard, but keeping in touch can be super exciting and help them feel connected even when they can't see each other everyday!  We have a couple of journals floating around the country right now!

     The Great Rainy Day provides a positive message of showing that even ruined plans and set expectations can lead to something unexpected and wonderful!  Katie continues her journey in her new neighborhood but now is looking for new friends!  Her big plan gets ruined by a storm that rolls in BUT after the storm she still finds the rainbow along with many other treasures along the way!

     These are not only a stories about a move but about looking for the silver lining in tough situations. It's there, sometimes you just have to look really hard, but you will see it eventually and it will change your whole perspective on things! I hope you and your child enjoy my story! If it hits home for you in some way or another, good luck on your new adventure, you have no idea how surprisingly exciting it just might be!

     Thanks for reading,


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