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Hiccup: An involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, usually short-lived and not a sign of something serious.

The girls and I have always described those not so good moments in our days as hiccups. We don’t plan for the hiccups they just kind of happen. We don’t describe it as a hiccup in the moment, in the moment it’s the worst thing is happening to us, but when its over and we regain our calm and perspective we realize it wasn’t that big of a deal and we are able to move on and continue aiming for a good day.

Hiccups could be small moments in a day, or small moments in a lifetime-regardless of how long they are, remember that they are just that-small. They are not the whole picture, they are not the end all be all or your forever, they are a short-lived moment.

Of course, in that moment, that super tiny split second, it may be painful, seem very serious, is completely unexpected and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Sometimes it’s something only you notice, sometimes it’s a weird whole body twitch and a burp comes out that everyone around you notices, and makes you feel super uncomfortable :-/

Let the hiccup happen, there is not stopping it, do your best to make it through it, and then move on afterwards.

So next time you actually hiccup, remember how irrelevant it is to your day when it is over. If you are having hiccups throughout your days or even in life right now-eventually it will allow you to appreciate the non-hiccup moments and the farther away it gets from you, the smaller it will seem. And just keep on moving through your day with the appreciation of the non-hiccup moments 😊

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