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Write What You Want To Read

I’ve been listening to a book ‘Dare to Lead’ By Brene Brown and she said that she had been given this advice “write what you would want to read”. As simple as that is, I’ve never heard it before but it makes so much sense. I actually feel like that is exactly what I have been doing.

It may sound ridiculous because I have only published children’s books but not only was I trying to provide a resource for my kids, I was actually expressing the raw feelings of my emotions. Sometimes being raw can take you down to a child’s level. They don’t quite yet have the filter that, unfortunately, but sometimes fortunately you develop as an adult, they haven’t yet experienced that feeling of being afraid to say something because of what others will think and I pray to god everyday they remain that way. So, their feelings come out raw, natural and so real. When we strip all of that adultness away from us and allow our feelings to come out that way, man can it be such a weight off. That’s how I felt when I wrote The Great Big Move. I was unhappy and I NEEDED to find, cling to, and move with a positive outlook and gratefulness for what I have had and what was coming.

Creating that kind of mindset allowed me to complete that project and bring me to a place of peace. That’s what we all want in the end is peace right. Sometimes it’s a struggle bus working your way to that BUT if you allow yourself to strip down to those raw emotions and deal with them it can be quite freeing. Even if you started to journal and just let those words fly off onto the paper-you never know it could be exactly the words that you need to read. Sometimes no one knows you better than you, let yourself go and write those words that your best self needs to hear in order to find that peaceful place. There are so many journals out now-mine happen to be about 5 different notebooks intertwined with kids’ pictures, grocery and to do lists-but that’s how I roll-constant chaos really. But sometimes I just grab one of my notebooks and go to town. Sometimes I pick up my computer and just start typing and save it to my “Meg” file on the computer. Sometimes I go back and read them and think woah-that was a bad day or wow she really had something great to say. But the point is, sometimes seeing how far you have come or re-reading a good point you didn’t know you were making can be just what you need.

That’s kind of where I’m going with this lil blog here. Other people’s words have helped me through tough times and sometimes stripping down to those kid-like feelings and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can really help. And shoot if anyone ever reads this and has just a slight little glimmer of hope, or brings a smile, or makes you feel not alone, then it’s all worth it!!

So, you don’t have to go out and write a book or create a blog (but if you want to please message me because I would love to help!) BUT just thought I would pass that awesome statement onto you guys and see if it resonated with you like it did with me! 😊

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