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We Are the Keepers of the Magic

We are the keepers of the magic. In the midst of a week where I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water, finishing all of the things this thought popped into my head and brought me some calm during the chaos. This time of year is when so many memories are created that will last for a lifetime. For kids and adults. Despite if you keep things simple and easy at home or big and elaborate-the choice is yours and whatever choice you make it will be amazing-but there is just always extra stuff going on, extra things you need to get or do-its just part of it. I tell myself every year, next year won’t be as crazy, but then it is!! And I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! But I finally realized I’m not doing anything wrong-this is part of the magic.

While sometimes you may want to shove that magic in the garbage or hand it off to someone else, you know that if you did, it wouldn’t be the same. There is nothing like a child’s excitement during Christmas time, nothing. They just soak up all of the activities, decorations, gifts, togetherness and the magic that is in the air. They don’t see the hectic, they don’t see the chaos (or maybe sometimes they do) they see and remember the feelings that come with all of it. They won’t remember many gifts that they get and from who, but they will remember the anticipation and excitement that come with wondering what is under the tree and ripping the wrapping paper off to find out! The togetherness of family and friends make it all extra special 💕

Girl, you are the one that creates that for them. How stinkin' special is that?! So if you are feeling like me this week and there just aren’t enough hours in the day, take a second and remember that special gift only you have and how amazing your kiddos are feeling with all of this magic in the air right now. It’s a lot, its hectic, its overwhelming, but all worth it in the end. Hang in there and enjoy it!

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