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The Great Big Move
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      The Great Big Move

This is the first book in the Surprisingly Exciting Adventure Series.  Moving away from a familiar place, friends, and family is an experience full of emotions for everyone.  Kids feel afraid, worried, and anxious about what will happen to them, and it can be hard for parents to reassure them. This is a story about the resilient and brave, Katie, who has experienced two moves and is about to move again. First, Katie thinks about all of the things she will miss but then realizes something. All the moves have actually been great adventures! Many treasures have been discovered along the way and Katie realizes that without moving she may have missed out on some really, REALLY exciting things!  Like that cool castle park or the donut shop she loves! Katie starts to feel excited and ready for her next adventure and all the unknown treasures waiting to be found! 


BONUS!  The book contains four journaling pages to document old and new treasures, and four letter-writing pages that can be filled out, cut out, and mailed as letters to keep in touch with old friends.

Parents, visit Meghan's blog for more resources for you and your family.

The Great Rainy Day
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         The Great Rainy Day

Have you ever had exciting plans suddenly change? It can be a real bummer! BUT what if you were able to turn ruined plans into something even better than what it was originally supposed to be? Go along with Katie Harlow as she finds adventure and fun when unexpected plans to meet new friends in the neighborhood she just moved to are changed. She even shows us how she is able to keep in touch with her old friends by writing them letters too!  

After the story your child can enjoy journaling pages and letter writing pages of their very own!

Keep-In-Touch Journal
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    The Keep-In-Touch                           Journal

Moving away from friends can be difficult. With this Keep-In-Touch Journal, no matter how far apart friends are, they can collect stories, notes, conversations, and pictures they want to share with each other.  This interactive journal will be a great way for friends to keep in touch.  There are a few different ways you can use this journal!  You can mail it back and forth or email responses to be glued in the journal with the printable available here!  Take a look at the instruction page to get a better idea!

Conveniently available in two different styles depending on what best suits the user!

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The Bedtime Theater

Snuggle up with this sweet bedtime story that will leave you and your kiddo with a smile and a reminder that there is always someone waiting for you to be YOU!

The Bedtime Theater
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