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Autumn Beginnings

Who out there is their own boss and business owner? I just became one recently and I’d like to introduce you to it.

While thinking of a name for this company I wanted to create I had so many thoughts and ideas for it but nothing was sticking right. I was trying to encompass all that I want to do ever! I tried to envision every single thing I wanted to do in the future so that this one company name would properly describe it. I didn’t want it to be my name and I want the girls’ names to be reserved for their own creations in the future.

You know how after you think something into the ground all of a sudden you have no idea what you are doing anymore or where you are going? Well that’s what I did.

Before talking myself out of it because I couldn’t think of the perfect name, which would have been ridiculous, I suddenly realized, you know what I really can’t tell where this is going, but I know what I am doing right now and where it began. It is currently a home to publish my books and writings under and maybe home to something else in the future but I’ll figure that out when I get there. So here is a quick story about its name:

I’m excited to say I officially became a business owner as I created this LLC. to publish my books under!

It was a huge step for me and hope it will help me not talk about my “business” with air quotes anymore. As I continue this writing journey, I realize I have more and more to write about and wanted a home for it all!

I wanted to share the story of the name (which was not an easy one to come up with and I’ll explain that in another post) and what I plan to do with this little company of mine!

A street named Autumn is where this all began. The second act of my life as mama. I brought both of my babies home to my favorite house on the corner of Autumn in Tennessee. It is where they had their first bath, first steps, first words, first birthdays, so many memories began there.

My girls started their growing up there and I started growing up right beside them in my new role.

The stories of their imagination, the stories of all of the feelings and experiences I began to discover as a mom, some aching moments of changed and unfamiliar paths, and the realization of some blessings in disguise all started here. The stories of this part of my life began at the house on Autumn.

While I am a big believer in ‘home’ being made up of a feeling, experiences, and people in your life that is constantly being added to, the starting line of this entire journey began on Autumn and that part will never change, so the name became Autumn Beginnings and I love it.

I always loved the name of that street because Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and it just has the best meaning of a time for change and new beginnings for everyone. This made it even more perfect as a name. As moms we are constantly growing up and changing right next to our kiddos. When they change, we change so we can match what season they are in somehow. I think in those changes not only are you growing the bond with your kiddos but yourself too, and discovering a way to be more than mom which is kind of exciting.

So for YOU, the one who is growing up with her kids and embracing the change of each stage, the one who needs a boost every now and then and not feel alone, the one who wants to help create a solid, positive foundation for their kids, and the one who is discovering that there is more to your identity than just being a parent-YOU are my people and I hope to continue writing in ways to connect with you.

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