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Moving On Up to the World of Blogging

Hey guys! Here it is my first blog! So, if you are here you may already have an idea of who I am, but if you don’t let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Meghan Geary, I am mom to two amazing girls, Karsyn (8) and Hartlyn (6) and wife to Tim for almost 13 years. I’m also a daughter, sister, friend, dreamer, author and entrepreneur. That’s the first time I’ve described myself as those last two without typing quotation marks or saying them in my head with air quotes around them haha! Even if they are self-proclaimed titles that’s what I really feel like I am! My very most important role is being a mom. Being mom to these two little girls has given me so much joy, adventure, drive and a passion to be the best I can absolutely be as an example for them. My title of author comes from the fact that I have written my first children’s book called The Great Big Move: A Surprisingly Exciting Adventure, which is what may have brought you here in the first place! The idea of this book came about when the possibility of a move was in our future. Well that future is now as our family is getting ready to embark on another move from what we have considered home for the last almost 3 years. This is a good thing for our family. And to be honest, I thought it was just a great time to start writing this and connecting with you. You may be in the same boat and may be looking to just connect to someone who is going through something you are, you may have questions, need advice on what the next step is, advice on how kids can go through this event, anything! I’ve found that sometimes when you may feel in a lonely spot, finding someone that you can relate to on the same level can make that loneliness fade away.

I have had the idea of doing this for a while but really just didn’t have the guts to take the leap and do it because I’m not sure I have anything profound to say but I know I like talking with people and connecting with people so I’m opening up this dialogue for just that! When this move came about I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I’m hoping by sharing some of my experiences there may be someone out there who can benefit and at least not feel alone in whatever it is you are feeling. Now let me get one thing out there, I have an amazing editor for my books that helps me with my horrendous grammar and punctuation mistakes! She won’t be editing my blog posts. So please excuse any of those errors and this will probably just sound like the way I talk in real life!

My hope for this is really to create a community. A community where we can relate to each other, either based on the moving around and relocating factor or the being a parent is hard and can be lonely factor. A community that wants to be involved with our kids and give them access to a fun, positive environment through sweet stories, activities and maybe even at some point products that can relate to each story. In addition to the kiddo aspect, I’d love a community where we as parents can meet! I mean if you are already visiting my site for your kids, you should get something out of it too, right?! It can be a community where we can build each other up, share stories of success, trial and error, future plans, how to prepare for a move in all of the many aspects that come with it, party tips, cooking tips, favorite wines or coffees, favorite spots to have girls’ nights or date nights! All of the things! Because at the end of the day us parents still need to have a life that isn’t 110% about the kids, even though it is hard sometimes! So, if you are here because you are about to embark on a move yourself or no move is in your future but you are a parent that wants the best for yourself and your kiddo, I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!!

At my ripe old age of 35 I am realizing that, “life is an adventure” isn’t just an inspirational saying but really means just that, and I’d like to add that life really is a Surprisingly Exciting Adventure because seriously whose life is going according to their exact plan??? If it is that’s awesome! Mine sure as heck isn’t!! Which makes for it to be even more surprising, more exciting and more adventurous! If we don’t intentionally enjoy our everyday moments and make the most out of those unplanned ones, then before you know it years have gone by and we are left with the “I should haves” or “I wish I would have done . . “. I’m trying to eliminate that-live with intention, grace, presence, and a true hunger for adventure in every moment. Join me if you are looking for the same! So, in an attempt to eliminate one of my “I wish I would have . . . [started that blog]” moments, here I go!! I encourage you to eliminate one of those moments for yourself today! If you do let me know what it is! Create a log in below so you can leave me your comments and be notified of each blog post!

Thank you,


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